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In order to achieve maximum coverage for the project, we require artists for promotional/marketing activity in person; for management to provide access to various existing tools and/or to be available to produce or assist us with the production of the following items. Like you know, times changed that we also need the full promo support of each artist. So please have a look on the following points and try your best to support the release from your site.

To be send with signed contract: • Artist biography • Current press images • Touring schedule • Social media links (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Resident Advisor) incl. follower on each site • Link to Beatport & Discogs artist page

1-2 weeks before release date: • share Beatport pre-sale link over all social media channels, advertise Facebook post with 5-??€ • repost Soundcloud playlist via your channel, social media posts • send promo to artist/ media friends, ask for feedback, features and charting (digital shops, Resident Advisor, magazine charts), send collected feedback to the label • share possible (we´ll provide) media features, placements, premiers over your social media

On Beatport release date: • share Beatport link over all social media channels, advertise Facebook post with 5-??€ • share YouTube track videos over social media channels • create Beatport charts incl. 1-2 tracks of the EP, send to label/pr for feature pitch

From Beatport release date till world wide release date 2 weeks later: • share Beatport charts over your social media, tag included artists • share possible media features, placements, over your social media • share the podcast/ radio show over your social media, advertise Facebook post with 5-??€, repost Soundcloud link • please send us all big name artist support which you hear about • pls send us especially videos of big artists (or yourself in a cool set) when your track with us is being played, please share over your social media as well incl. Beatport link

On world wide release date till 2 weeks after: • share news (incl. Itunes, Spotify,… links we´ll provide) over all social media channels, advertise Facebook post with 5-??€ • create Traxsource charts inkl. 1-2 tracks of the EP, share charts over your social media channels, tag inculded artists • share Spotify tracks over social media • share YouTube track videos over social media

On request: • 1 hour promo mix for podcast • Radio Takeover Show • Generic artist interview / feature copy for internal media / external media • create favorite Top 10 tracks incl. 1-2 tracks of the EP for the Spotify playlist, share playlist over all social media, tag inculded artists, advertise Facebook post with 5-??€




martie 29th, 2018

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