Understanding Culture through the Eyes of Education

Understanding Culture through the Eyes of Education

Culture is our way of life, and despite being anywhere in the world, there is a particular culture that we subscribe to. Culture is mainly seen through our behaviors, but it can also be seen through the eyes of education. Some bits of culture are instilled in us through education as discussed below.

  • Habits

Habits are what form our behaviors, and some of them are instilled in us through the education system. Accountability and great skills are instilled in us through the education system. This is never the main purpose of education, but through the process, we tend to develop or pick up habits that will later become part of our life. This is integrated into almost all of our learning experience from kindergarten to college.

  • Equality

Equality is part of most of our cultures. We are often encouraged to treat everyone equally regardless of the situation that we are in. This is a part of our culture that has been borrowed by the education system where learning institutions strive to give equal opportunities to all students. A good example of this is the integration in schools which has seen students with disabilities learning together with other students. This is also a solid evidence on how our cultures can be seen through the eyes of education.

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  • Recognition and appreciation by the education system

The education has a way through which it appreciates and recognizes students. This is through awards mostly. Showing gratitude is part of most of the cultures around the world. When you do something that is regarded as good, or it benefits the society, one is often appreciated for it. The society has created the culture of cheap custom essay writing appreciating the efforts of others, and this too has been included in the education system.

  • Offering Support

Human beings we are known to offer support to one another whenever they feel stuck in life or have a problem. Offering support is also our way of showing that we care and have compassion. In school, there is also a system of support. The administration of school consists of teachers and support staff who ensure that everything in school is running as it is supposed to. The teachers may be doing their duties of teaching, but if they do not receive help from the support staff through things that are outside the classroom, then it may be difficult for them to teach. Support is part of our culture, and it has been integrated both in our culture and in education.

Culture is a big part of us, and it has been integrated into most of our lives even to education. Culture is one of the most difficult things to erode, and that is why institutions such as education embrace it so that it can be easy to impart knowledge to students. Most of the things that are part of our culture and we go through as norm are reflected in our education system. Education is a sure reflection of our culture as most of its operations is based on cultural practices.




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