Welcome to the 7th release in the Lucky Nights series from Lucky Life Music.

We welcome back the Romanian sonic genius, Horatio, for a stonking 2 track EP. Now firmly entrenched as a part of the Lucky Life family, every time Horatio sends us something our ears start twitching.

Massive sounds from the first track, Lizard Island. This tune is a belter with an acid undercarriage, Horatio’s trademark crisp drums and a down right humming bass. This one reminds us of techno from the late 90’s and we dig it.

The second track is an all out techno machine. Horatio has made his mark on the label and continues to influence the direction we are taking. Another tune reminiscent of earlier techno sounds, this track is a nod to one of the all time greats. The hook is undoubtedly the bells but the heavy snares and banging bassline drive this one home. In techno land, we have no doubt this one will be hammered out by the big players on the big stages. What a tune.

Mother Nature

octombrie 17th, 2017

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