Drawing inspiration from the Bacau’s (Romania) underground scene (which gave Raresh , Barac , Horatio , Just2 , Luca M and many more) Elchinsoul debuted in his career as a dj in 2004, The love for underground music drove him to play in several clubs near his city where he was willing to put in value his eclectic taste in music by mixing different genres from classic house , minimal to tech house and tehno.
Quickly he realised that djing was only one side of the coin and he started his first tracks with a good friend and producer , Bvaltik, Wanting to improve his musical skills he started the project : “Loco Brigada” , an underground project which was created with his partner in crime Las Yeso. Quickly gaining a name they begun playing in the local clubs and in a short time they received invitations from other clubs in Romania.
In 2010 he won the best the remix contest organised by Italian superstar producer and dj Paolo Driver. The ep was very well received and proved to be an opportunity to work with Canadian tehno producers The Junkies and german super producer Ben Anders.
The next period is marked by a lot of collaborations with artists like: Alexandros Dever, Bvaltik, Petta, Angelo Draetta, Chube.ka, Maiki, London Fm, Juan Zolbaran, Jave and Dj Crash.
BM Slim quickly spotted this new star in town and signed an ep called “Trase” which received a very positive reaction from the super djs and producers: Loco Dice, Dave Ellesmere, Sasch BBC , Arado, Tapesh, Horatio and many more.
2011 proved to be a very busy year for Elchinsoul: his track “Pe Roz” being played by Maya Jane Coles in her official Essential Mix for Radio 1 BBC and his bomb tune “Tremolo” being dropped by the big sharks: Marco Carola, Brothers Vibe, Paco Osuna , Santos,Marco Faraone .
2012 started really well for Elchinsoul by releasing on Berlin based label Waldliebe Familien his new ep Remote which included collaborations with French superstar live act Jules&Moss , Insinio & Bayt. Martin Eyerer spotted Elchinsoul’s new track called “Remote” in his radioshow thus proving once again that Elchinsoul has reached the critical mass.
In 2013 Elchinsoul released (with his good friend Horatio as the project DOS DELINQUENTES) his first vinyl on the Mannheim based label Ametist Records which was called ZEN MASTER. It gathered support from: Richie Hawtin, Someone Else, Hanne und Lore, Stacey Pullen, Nima Gorji, HUGO,Timo Maas, Aldo Cadiz, Paco Osuna, Markus Schulz, Arado, Timo Maas and many more !!!! 

After a succesful summer Elchinsoul releasead on Cellaa Music another vinyl which proven once again why the romanian are so good in making quality music and was heavily supported by CARL COX. Elchinsoul did two more releases :Terenco  on Nuhar Records&Arc  on MoonFire Records . He finished the 2013 year en fanfare with his buddies from the Natural Rhythm agency Horatio & Gruia with a beautiful ep which had a major impact (34 on the Beatport Chart,Nr.1 on Decks.de) in the charts and had received support from Nick Curly , Luciano , Gorge , Laurent Garnier , Robert Dietz , Nicole Moudaber and many more.

Elchinsoul spent most of the 2014 enjoying that hard work that he previously did. With so many quality tunes in his back catalogue , it made him a household name and his tracks were licensed on numerous compilations.

In 2015 , Elchinsoul,debuted on the Natural Rhythm Ibiza VA and also on the Amsterdam Dance Event official compilation.Both gained big praise from musical reviewers and djs. Also he releasead the UNSEEN, which can be considered his first album.

2016 marks the launch of the BIGO ep on the highly esteemed CELLA RECORDS. After the sensation caused by his last release, Elchinsoul came back strong with another battle cry into the darkness on Cellaa Music. In his usual nonchalant style, you can expect deep driving arrangements. Through the precisely applied sub-basses and the unobtrusive synth pads, a first class sound-performance is guaranteed. Made to fill dark basements, clubs and also festivals with sound. The EP contains 4 tracks and includes a masterpiece of a remix by Sven Jaeger, and a special vinyl only track, which will not be available digitally. If you have listened to the full EP, there only will be 4 words to describe it: this is DOPE SHIT! .


In 2017 , Elchinsoul’s productions might have contributed to his rise through the ranks, but it’s his hard work ethic and undying love for the tech house and techno music gives his success a solid and deep-rooted foundation. Striking a fine line between quantity and quality is quite hard for an artist, but this fine line can be easily achievied by a talent such as Elchinsoul. He also debuted on the official BPM Festival Sampler with a beautiful tune called anestezie and also on the EIVISSA SAMPLER with a tune called drog

2018 Elchinsoul delivers a wide range of repetitive beats. His fast, pulsing tech-house or groovy, chubby minimal are inspirational for everyone as you can check it yourself on the Cloroquine EP which is out on Bonzai Records.

Sharing these sounds with the people in 2019 and , obviously, those that inspire him is at the heart of Elchinsoul’s musical journey as he debuted at AFTERHILLS FESTIVAL. The whole recorded session can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/elchinsoul/elchinsoul-vibrations-018-special-edition-afterhills-silent-disco

In 2020 Elchinsoul debuts on ()UTSIDE ROMANIA his new ep PE ROZ with a bomb remix from Horatio.

As a dj he is an eclectic one. With house and techno infused rhythms , he challenges the crowd to enter in that perfect atmosphere for party.