https://www.beatport.com/release/ep-1/1160757artworks-000056509618-t2f3ie-t300x300 How much does wellbutrin cost at walgreens prevacid otc price


Following on from Green Velvet’s ‘Bigger Than Prince’ and for the very first time together, two of house musicai??i??s most authentic ai???headsai??i?? team up for their debut on Yousefai??i??s flourishing, and hugely respected Circus Recordings.

3 tracks made for the real dance floors, taking the elements of house, techno, jazz and funk, all with that familiar Circus Recordings personality.

3. ANCIENT FUTURE (Horatio only)

Hector Moralez

Rising from Oakland, California he fast become one of house musicai??i??s elite, Hector Moralez has paid his dues by working tirelessly from the bottom up.

Hectors ambitions began as a 17 year old DJ, working at the infamous ai???Primal Recordsai??i?? Store. His sounds take influence from Latin, jazz, funk, hip hop and soul and are sewn together with grooving bass lines and phat beats.

Hectorai??i??s character, hard work and innovative ability has given him a prominent standing in the house music scene, leading him to become one of the most sought after artists. Also forming the production phenomenon ai???Fries and Bridgesai??? with regular partner, Phil Weeks [Paris]. Releases from Hector have appeared on highly respected labels such as Robsoul, Music For Freaks, Nightshift, Detour, Vista, Brique Rouge, Doubledown and more recently Dj Sneaks Magnetic and Sneak Classics labels

Out now his highly anticipated debut album with Chris Carrier, being released on the amazing French imprint Apollonia.


A Romanian blessed with a great passion for music, with an underground musical adventure. Horatioai??i??s talent helped him to be quickly spotted by the VIVa Music label, as well releasing on Desolat, with his floor wrecking ai???How Much 909ai??? which was one Loco Diceai??i??s records of the year in 2013.

Horatioai??i??s hard working production efforts paid off with his remixes for ai???Jindo – Summer Storiesai??i?? and ai???Alessio Collina ai??i?? Conmigoai??i?? was heavily played and supported by Ricardo Villalobos & Richie Hawtin respectively.
Recently nominated for the best new artist in the Romanian underground scene is the highest ascension for his reputation, for being talented as he is eager proceeds himai??i??


Darren Emerson ai??i?? ai???3 cool tracks on this package. Really liking the energy in Ancient Futureai??i?? Will play..ai???

Smokin Jo ai??i?? ai???The funk of Kangeroos is making it my fav on first listen here. Gonna try them out and let you know more.ai???

Tobi Neumann ai??i?? ai???Wellai??i?? Kangaroos really does ROCK doesnai??i??t it?!! Iai??i??ll be playing.ai???

Daniel Stefanik ai??i?? ai???Jaaaazzzzy Jaazzzzzy Jaazzzzy!!! A?E?A? supporting!!ai???

Coyu ai??i?? ai???Kangaroos definitely sounds like a fun track to me. Gonna be useful for my sets.ai???

Gel Abril ai??i?? ai???Ancient Future will work well on the bigger floors for me for sure. Looking forward to testing it.ai???

Steve Mac ai??i?? ai???Circus are putting out some great records at the moment. Jazzistan is my pick to play here.ai???

ZDS ai??i?? ai???Groovinai??i?? Susan Circus Funk!! Danke for this guys. Kangarooooos!!ai???

Andy Baxter ai??i?? (CafAi?? Mambo/Booom) ai??i?? ai???Loving the Jazz vibe on Jazzistanai??i?? Iai??i??ll be using that for sure!ai???

Copyright (Defected Radio) ai??i?? ai???FOOK. In a sea of samey samey records comes some dope ass HOUSE MUSICai??i?? This is ACE!ai???

Diversions ai??i?? (CHRY Toronto, Canada) ai??i?? ai???All three cuts are monster jams. Gonna play all of these out!!ai???

Sounds From The Basement ai??i?? (Radio NRJ, Beirut) – ai???Nice one! Will feature Ancient Future is next weekai??i??s show!!ai???

DocePulgadas Radio, Spain ai??i?? ai???Yeah pretty solid stuff again from Circus. Ancient Future is best.ai???

Debug Magazine, Germany ai??i?? ai???Considering for review.ai???

Soundwall, Italy ai??i?? ai???Gonna listen further and pass to our writersai??i??ai???

Reboot ai??i?? ai???A great ep from these guys. Especially feeling Ancient Future. Will play!ai???

Ambivalent ai??i?? ai???Kangeroos is such a DOPE record!! 5/5 from me!! Support!ai???

Carlo Lio ai??i?? ai???Will def be rocking Kangaroos.. Really well done! Love the groove.. Has that old school filter funk feel.. support.ai???

Joris Voorn ai??i?? ai???Ancient Future is rocking!! Iai??i??ll be trying this out for sure.ai???

Huxley ai??i?? ai???Love Kangeroos. Thatai??i??s a peak time banger for me!!ai???

Josh Wink ai??i?? ai???Jazzistan is the standout for me here. Rolling with the energy of that oneai??i??ai???

Danny Howells ai??i?? ai???Bomb jamz baby!!! Kangeroos is killer.. will def work for me, no doubt!ai???

Dai??i??Julz ai??i?? ai???Strong tracks here from Hector & Horatio. Iai??i??ll be playing Kangaroos!ai??i??

Anton Pieete ai??i?? ai???Ancient Future has a killer groove going on!! Playing!ai???

Jon Rundell ai??i?? ai???I like the hypnotic groove in Ancient Future a lot, and the way Kangaroos builds into that vocal drop, really nice vibes..ai???

Lauhaus ai??i?? ai???Kangaroos has a sick groove.. I am def gonna be testing this at the weekend.ai???

Karotte ai??i?? ai???Kangeroos is a nice track for my sets, I like it. Hang on.. Ancient Future is a goodie too! Support on those.ai???

Monika Kruse ai??i?? ai???Yousef has good taste! A good release again from Circus. Will drop these on the floor for sure.ai???

Rocky (X-Press 2/MoS Radio) ai??i?? ai???Kangeroos is a cool sounding track. Gonna try it out.ai???

David Moreno ai??i?? (Ibiza Global Radio) ai??i?? ai???Three interesting tracksai??i?? Thank you for sending. Will support.ai???

Christilization Radio, Serbia ai??i?? ai???Very collection of tracks guys. Ancient Future will get played.ai???

AMDJS Radio ai??i?? (Saint Petersburg, Russia) ai??i?? ai???Ancient Future is a fantastic track. Weai??i??ll be using this!ai???

Steve Parry ai??i?? (Juice FM) ai??i?? ai???Kangaroos is proper old school Yousef music! takes me back to DJ-ing in random peoles kitchens on Saturday nights at sill ‘o’clock in the morning hehe!ai???

Tom Breu ai??i?? (Klubbing, WDR 1Live) ai??i?? ai???Great ep from these guys, especially into Kangeroos!ai???

Makossa ai??i?? (FM4 Vienna, Austria) ai??i?? ai???Strong tracks from this duo. Will look to support.ai???

Seb B ai??i?? (Paris One Radio, France) ai??i?? ai???Ancient Future is rocking!! Big support here.ai???

Scan Mode ai??i?? (DJ Magazine, Spain) ai??i?? ai???These sound pretty nice. Will try them out.ai???

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