Early support from Danny Tenaglia, B Traits, Arjun Vagale, Jesse Rose, Cevin Fisher, Audio KoDe, Huxley, Technasia, Ramon Tapia, Reboot, Melokolektiv, DJ Dep, Paco Osuna, Colin dale, Elio Riso, Ramon Tapia, Robot 84, Logiztik Sounds, Spettro

For his second artist album, Horatio swiftly combines an ongoing desire to create dance floors with an exquisite fountain of musical wealth which ranges from deep to techno and reverse.

With a career highlighted by releases on Desolat, Viva Music, Circus, Stereo Production, Bouq and Rawthentic, Horatio displays a daring ability to morph his sound into beatiful songs.

His album shows how much he has elevated his style to whole new level, more authentic and a relentless sound. Produced, mixed and arranged by Horatio alongside his wife Larisse Van Doorn and his closest friends Viorel Drag , Sergio Moratti & Trippy Soul.

The album is a tribute to those who are listening, cherishing to his career, and ‘My Story So Far’ features previously unavailable tracks on his own Waldliebe Familien imprint,

So enjoy these fine tracks… a what a tasty selection to make you smile.


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reviewer rating comments favourite plays downloads
The Advent (Global, www.the-advent.com,) 5 grooves & moods. And Jack Had a Groove 11 6
Bookashade (Berlin, ,) 3 thanks Berlin 5AM 0 20
Lee Guthrie (Wiggle, Something Different Again) 5 Great album, some killer tracks; Sentiment De, Moonwalk, sleepless nights,Enter the dragon are all highlights but Avalon is my favourite…just. Thanks for sending 🙂 Avalon 25 7
Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica) 4 support for sure. Good Music!! many thanks. Berlin 5AM 2 20
Douglas (Medellin Style) (Medellin, Colombia, medellinstyle.com, musical journalist from Colombia, South America) 5 Sounds really cool this release. Thanks!! Berlin 5AM 1 10
George Pallikaria (G-Pal, Swift Records,) 4 FUll support And Jack Had a Groove 4 10
Luis Junior (Mooseekaa) 3 downloaded for luis junior. thanks Sentiment De 5 10
Lee Pennington (riffraff UK – Zoo Project Ibiza) 2 Not quite fitting with what I am playing right now but thanks for sending Avalon 10 0
UGLH (Italy, http://www.facebook.com/marco.durantiuglh,) 4 Really nice tracks thx My Story So Far 15 20
Triumph (Barcelona, Spain, Espai Music, www.espaimusic.com) 3 Interesting package! Thx And Jack Had a Groove 6 10
Kat Kat Tat from Planetkat (Trashmission/Cocoliche, Raveline/WickedBA!/Electronic Beats, DJ, party organiser and music journalist www.trashmission.net) 5 Love Horatio! And Jack Had a Groove 4 10
Mark Jenkyns (Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels) 4 great selection on offer here jack had a groove detripizat and namaste are standouts for me And Jack Had a Groove 14 13
dj mag italy (DJ Mag Italia, Rumore,) 3 dj mag italia And Jack Had a Groove 1 10
Danito (Cocoon Recordings / Moon Harbour) 5 Great Work! Sentiment De 14 11
Andrew Riley (Inland Knights) (all over) 3 nice…………………….. Berlin 5AM 25 1
Remy Unger / DJ Remy (Elevate, Gem, Fone) 4 Cool stuff, thanks. Berlin 5AM 10 20
Jewel Kid (Tronic/ Break New Soil, www.jewelkid.net, www.alleanzamusic.com) 5 great album from a great artist! support Berlin 5AM 6 10
Patrick Zigon (Biotop Label, www.biotop-label.net,) 4 nice album! My Story So Far 7 10
Arjun Vagale (SCI+TEC | Tronic | Trapez Ltd | Octopus | KD Music | Waveform,http://www.facebook.com/ArjunVagaleOfficial,) 5 really dope album Sentiment De 9 1
Michel De Hey (Hey) 4 berlin 5 am , great groove! enter the dragon super cool! detripizat great club tracks. nice score:) Berlin 5AM 10 10
Adele Moss (Mumu, Luna, Shipping Forecast) 4 amazingai??i?? Berlin 5AM & MOONWALK full support from me Berlin 5AM 7 10
Hector Couto (Hot Creations, B-Pitch Control, Material, Locked, Area Remote) 4 nice one! Moonwalk 11 1
Audio KoDe (De-Noize) 3 GREAT RELEASE!!! And Jack Had a Groove 1 0
Oscar L (Stereo Productions, Definitive Recordings, 105, Nervous) 3 thanks Berlin 5AM 1 10
ivan Smagghe (Viosnquest, Leftroom) 3 may be this oneai??i??. Berlin 5AM 6 2
Guri (Palma Mallorca,(Sub_Urban),) 4 „Moonwalk” and My „Story So Far” are the best songs! I will try sure! Thanks! Moonwalk 14 10
viv from BLOND:ISH (Montreal/London, www.blond-ish.com,) 4 berlin 5am 🙂 Berlin 5AM 12 12
Chuck Flask (Detroit,www.paxahau.com,) 4 cool tracks Avalon 10 4
Randall Jones (USA, Randall 1200,) 4 cool tunes My Story So Far 5 0
David Scuba (Superfreq) 3 Not for me but solid production Namaste 23 0
Label Leaks Blog/Radio (Romania, http://www.facebook.com/LabelLeaks,) 4 Support by Label Leaks! Sentiment De 14 10
Robert Solheim (Tunnel FM, Aquavit Records, Aquavit BEAT,www.currentmusik.com,) 3 Thanks, will try. Enter The Dragon 11 10
Wehbba, ; (Brazil, Tronic / twitter.com/wehbba,) 4 really cool album! Moonwalk and My Story So far are my main picks, but very solid throughout Moonwalk 7 10
Sei A (AUS / Turbo) 3 Some nice stuff here Berlin 5AM 19 1
Kydus (Under No Illusion / Circus Recordings) 4 great ep from my man horatio Moonwalk 1 10
Justin Massei (Selador, Berlin) 4 Cool tunes, thanks! Namaste 17 0
Denite (Get Physical / Resopal / Trapez / Sincopat / Mono Recordings) (Redlight Music Radioshow, ,) 4 Horatio has got the groove! Thanks for the Music! Moonwalk 11 1
Macromism (Tronic/Be As One) 4 really cool pack thx Berlin 5AM 5 10
ki creighton (Uber / Under No Illusion) 4 top stuff from the big man!!! My Story So Far 10 20
Madloch (Sound Avenue / Crossfade Sounds / Protonradio / Belgium, www.facebook.com/madlochmusic,) 4 Very nice album, thanks for sending! Berlin 5AM 10 5
Robert Owens (world, robertjowens/myspace.com,) 3 Cool tracks And Jack Had a Groove 10 10
Benoit – Tsugi (Paris, Tsugi + www.tsugi.fr, Makes CD promo for magazine. If you want to be in, just say it.) 3 some cool tracks tx Berlin 5AM 2 10
Moodymanc/Double D (2020 Vision, Expoited, Local Talk, Rebellion, Tsuba) 4 some great grooves here…on the d/l to check properly thanks Berlin 5AM 3 10
Ken Fan (Ibiza Underground, http://soundcloud.com/ken-fan, Global resident Dj,producer,promoter,radio host,a& r,and all round house music fanatic) 3 nice bits in there for sure, liking Moonwalk and enter the dragon Moonwalk 5 20
Of Norway (The Villa (oslo), Samurai.Fm, www.ofnorway.no,) 4 Jack and Berlin are proper party tunes! Whoooha!!! Vegard / Of Norway Berlin 5AM 12 2
Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat label manager) 4 My story so far is a great track! My Story So Far 18 3
Da Lukas (www.myspace.com/djdalukas / http://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Lukas/35895770871,,) 4 Cool album! And Jack Had a Groove 11 0
Scott Lewis (Circus) 4 And Jack Had a groove is wicked. Avalon is great, Sentiment De is also great. Nice work here! And Jack Had a Groove 10 1
miguel migs (world, saltedmusic.com,) 4 will download and check out „and jack had a groove” thanks… And Jack Had a Groove 9 1
Sneak (He’s a gangster) 3 few cool tracks. Moonwalk 10 4
Satoshi Fumi (Japan – Get Physical) 4 great album!will play. Berlin 5AM 2 10
Carlton Hudson (Carpe Diem Muzika) 5 GRIMEY!!!! Fuckin love it… Moonwalk stands out Moonwalk 10 0
Tomas Suchy (Republic Artists) 4 Great album! Sentiment De will destroy any dancefloor! Thanks for music Sentiment De 34 20
Kiss FM (Kiss FM, www.kissfm.com.au,) 3 yes yes And Jack Had a Groove 1 5
Jesse Rose (LOS ANGELES, PLAY IT DOWN,) 4 for me it’s all about the last three tracks… although it’s never fair on an album of work that it gets the quick flick through. nice one mate. keep it up. respect. j Avalon 10 3
Louk Pour-Hashemi (24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine) 3 Yep Sentiment.de for me! Sentiment De 12 11
Lonya (Sudbeat , Parquet , Asymmetric) 5 full support , will play this And Jack Had a Groove 4 10
Itchy Newman (Manchester) 3 Avalon for me, Thanks Avalon 15 1
Dale Middleton (Sudbeat, Sex On Wax, Plattenbank, Frisky Radio) 4 Lots of solid tracks here, will try out! Avalon 10 1
Danny Tenaglia (NYC) 3 Thank you! support! Berlin 5AM 5 10
B Traits (Radio 1, www.thisismoda.com) 4 Will consider for the show, Thanks! My Story So Far 6 10
Horatio (Circus Recordings, Desolat, Stereo Recordings) 5 ione of my best works Detripizat 4 10
Scott Andrews (Robot 84) 4 Some tasty house grooves on here, jack had a groove does it for me, nice one thanks!!! And Jack Had a Groove 10 0
Cevin Fisher (Pacha NYC, www.cevinfisher.com,) 5 Loaded with Bangers Here .. Great Stufffff CFNYC Berlin 5AM 10 10
Technasia (Ovum, Get Physical, Sino, Cadenza, Suara) 4 already received the promo via soundcloud. berlin 5am, monnwalk, enter the dragon for me! Berlin 5AM 7 10
Karotte (Cocoon club, Break New Soil) 2 not for me. And Jack Had a Groove 10 0
Ramon Tapia (Say What Records / Aella Music) 4 will try And Jack Had a Groove 4 10
Logiztik Sounds (Manual, Vapour, Outside The Box) 4 nice album Moonwalk 1 10
Omid 16b (Sex On Wax, Sudbeat, Bedrock, Yoshi Toshi) 3 dOWNLOADING And Jack Had a Groove 1 0
Pirupa (Noir, Saved, Snatch!, Defected) 3 Downloaded for Pirupa thx. And Jack Had a Groove 1 10
Huxley (CAi??cille Numbers, 2020 Vision, Hypercolour, Aus) 4 moonwalk is a banger! Moonwalk 10 2
Luis Bonias (Factoria) 4 very very nice album, support!! And Jack Had a Groove 2 10
Rulers Of The Deep (Ovum, Peppermint Jam, Radio 2 – Tallinn Express – Estonia) 5 Berlin track! Berlin 5AM 11 1
Jamie Stevens (Bedrock, Chameleon, Get Physical, Sudbeat, microCastle) 3 Nice tunes in here. My Story So Far and Enter The Dragon are standouts. Shame the mastering on these seem to vary so much… My Story So Far 15 3
Spettro (Bush, Tenampa, Sullivan Rooms) 4 Very solid groove on Berlin 5am. Testing Berlin 5AM 13 1
Stacey Pullen (Saved, Crosstown Rebels, Blackflag) 3 cool thanks And Jack Had a Groove 1 10
Greg Eversoul (Denver/San Francisco, ,) 4 just in time for miami. thanks. Horatio is so on point w this LP quality throughout. Diverse with something for every part of the night. Hard to pick favorite. Well done Berlin 5AM 13 10
Steve Lawler (VIVA Music) 3 Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks. Berlin 5AM 1 10
Richie Hawtin (MiNUS / ENTER) 3 downloaded for r hawtin And Jack Had a Groove 1 10
Melokolektiv (Get Physical, Selador) 3 Enter the dragon is cool. Enter The Dragon 3 10
Dave Angel (Worldwide, Rotation Records,) 2 Thanks! Will let you know if supporting. And Jack Had a Groove 2 10
The Bassroom (Belgium) 4 like the vocal here nicely done Enter The Dragon 5 10
Alex Nemec (Mirabilis Records / Rekluse / Tronic / Respekt / 303lovers, www.alexandfilip.com,) 3 good stuff Berlin 5AM 6 10
Riva Starr (Snatch!) 3 Downloading for Riva Starr, will send feedback if it makes into our selection, thx! And Jack Had a Groove 0 10
DJ Dep (Blackflag, Circus, Under No Illusion) 3 Nice Album For my Friend Horatio! SUPPORT Tnx For The Music Berlin 5AM 4 0
Steve Parry (Selador, Frisky, Luna, SMP3) 4 Good selection of coolness My Story So Far 4 10
colin dale (Worldwide, www.wildlife-am.com,) 4 …..killer E.P full of very usable club tracks to make your dancefloor jump! Berlin 5AM 2 10
Elio Riso (Ibiza- EspaAi??a/ Buenos Aires-Argentina , www.elioriso.com,www.facebook.com/djelioriso) 3 nice 7/10 Berlin 5AM 4 0
Jimmy Van M (DJ, www.jimmyvanm.com,) 4 Solid stuff! Feeling it. Sentiment De 15 10
Pawlo Tojeda (Something Different Again, Tip Tap) 5 TOP SOUND!!!! THX FOR THIS GOOD MUSIC Detripizat 10 10
Maceo Plex / Maetrik (Ellum) 3 downloaded for maceo plex, thanks for the music! Berlin 5AM 12 1
Luke Slater (Peacefrog, Mute, Peacefrog, Ostgut Ton) 3 thanks Enter The Dragon 12 10
Kiss FM Ukraine (Ukraine,WWW.KlSSFM.COM.UA,) 4 Thanks, will support Berlin 5AM 1 10
Chris Fortier (Fade Records) 3 good job Berlin 5AM 3 10
Paco Osuna (Minus) 3 Will try thanks 😉 Sentiment De 5 10
Justin James (M_nus) (Canada, JustinJames.ca,) 5 Thanks!!! 🙂 And Jack Had a Groove 8 1
Someone Else (Berlin, Tuning Spork, Get Physiical, foundsoundrecords.com) 4 Sentiment De, Namaste – for me Sentiment De 14 3

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