After a great remix outing on the last Seamless Recordings release of Philipp Ort, we bring you the first release on the label from Horatio. The now Ibiza based Romanian and Natural Rhythm label boss is no stranger to the dance floors of the globe with his tracks being supported continuously by pretty much every industry heavyweight possible, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer and many more.

On his first EP release on Seamless he has produced two excellent tracks Serengeti and Nukua. They are fitting in his trademark deep style which are perfect for the big stages and clubs of the world. The first track Serengeti is a percussive builder with African chants a plenty and a seductive groove thatai??i??s pure daytime tech house, think Luciano & Andre Butano, and youai??i??ll soon know where weai??i??re at. The Second track is Nukua is a taste of Horatiosai??i?? Romanian roots, deep synth stabs and pads create the basis of this atmospheric journey, combine this with some ethnic samples you get a highly infectious and underground work out.

This comes complete with a remix of Serengeti from Seamless favourite, Martijn Ten Velden. After his massive remix of James Trystan & Barber featuring Marisa ai??i?? Falling Free last year, Martijn has once again worked his remix magic on this release. He has taken the parts and given them more of an uplifting work out. Working the percussive parts to magical effect and looping and filtering many of the parts, he has created an hypnotic groove which builds and builds to the break and works the African chants to excellent effect before dropping back in for maximum dancefloor destruction. (This has already been licensed to Armada Music for the forthcoming Armada Deep House Selections Vol. 14 Compilation)


1: Serengeti (Original Mix)

2: Serengeti (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)
3: Nukua


Groove Armada 10/10 Serengeti Love this, original is brilliant as is the remix will play both for sure
Ray Okpara 10/10 Nukua Cool ep. Please send me the wavs
Nicole Moudaber 10/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Martijn killing it here
Moodymanc 10/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Both mixes of Serengeti are doing it for me. thanks
Nick Warren 10/10 Serengeti Original mix is very cool
Atapy 10/10 Serengeti great music will support thanks
George Vala 10/10 Serengeti WOW Amazing EP full support for my friend Horatio
(PLAYED https://soundcloud.com/georgevala/george-vala-live-at-bijou-81216)
Flashmob 9/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Will play on my Radio show on Ibiza Global Radio
Joris Voorn 8/10 Nukua Nukua is great

Gel Abril 8/10 Nukua Cool tracks here will play
LTJ Bukem 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Loving Serengeti (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)
Joyce Muniz 8/10 Serengeti Nice tunes
Eelke Kleijn 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nicely done, liking the whole EP
Luis Leon 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Serengeti & Martijns remix are top notch productions
Horse Meat Disco 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) YES groovy
Karmon 8/10 Serengeti Thanks cool release
Simone Vitullo 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice releaseai??i??.. great remix
Dario Dai??i??Attis 8/10 Serengeti Great track . . Fat drums
Justin Harris 8/10 Serengeti Awesome package ai??i?? LOVE martijnai??i??s remix but my favourite is the original ai??i?? right up Freak Street!!
Tania Vulcano 8/10 Nukua Will try thanks sounds good!!
Hernan Cattaneo 8/10 Serengeti Very good
Shir Khan (Exploited) 8/10 Serengeti Like it
Giom 8/10 Serengeti Good stuff
DJ Roog 8/10 Serengeti Nice one!!
Cozzy D 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Wicked Heeeee Heeeeeeeee!!!
Greg Van Bueren 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Liking the MTV mix, thanks
AEONIX 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice groove
Dilby (Mother Recs) 8/10 Nukua Cool EP from Horatio Thx
Marcel Opossum Recs 7/10 Nukua Liking the vibe in Nukua + will try the remix, even though I must confess that Iai??i??ve never been so much into ethno vox style tunes. Thanks for sending anyway.
David Glass 6/10 Serengeti Good work from Horatio
Sossa (DC10) 6/10 Nukua Nice release full support
Doc Martin 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Deep Vibes
Clive Henry 6/10 Nukua Liking Nukua. Simple bu effective
Paco Osuna 6/10 Serengeti Will try thanks
Joseph Capriati 6/10 Serengeti downloading for Joseph Carpriati
Marco Carola 6/10 Serengeti downloading for Marco Carola
Felix Da Housecat 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Listening for Felix
Richie Hawtin 5/10 downloading for r hawtin
Stacey Pullen 5/10 Serengeti Cool thanks
Gunther 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice release thanks guys
Sishi Rosch (No.19) 6/10 Nukua Nukua is dope, cheers
Gabriel Izarraraz 8/10 Serengeti Horatio always delivering the goods
Pierre Ravan 8/10 Serengeti amazing beatz and hookai??i??full support
Stefan Obermaier 8/10 Serengeti Very nice track, good flow thanks
Paolo Bartolomeo 8/10 Serengeti Original tunes are the best
Alejandro Rodriguez 8/10 Serengeti Summer vibes & good feelings Nice EP
Nicolas Festa 6/10 Nukua good EP!!
Alfred Azzetto 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Great package ai??i??.. liking the Martijn Ten Velden rmx
Jask 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice one
Andy Baxter (Space, IBZ) 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Tidy remix
Festa Bros (DJ Mag LA) 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Thanks you very much always supporting Horatio
Affani 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Cool will try out soon

Severino 7/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) great remix
Tim Andresen 9/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Really good remix by Martijn, still one of the best around
Greg Fenton 7/10 Nukua Good track
LTJ 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Loving the Martijn Ten Velden Remix
Mark Mac 10/10 Brilliant Relese Fantastic Vibes and Top Production All The Tracks Have A Top Feel Spot On For The Sounds.. Thanks
Chapter 24 Records 8/10 Serengeti Original for me, will hopefully use it at my next gig
2 Sides Of Soul Wow thanks! Nukua is dope! Support
Dayne S Nukua Nukua is nice
Brett Gould Nice stuff. Thank you
Robert Owens Nice tracks
Afroboogie Nukua Dig this very much! Nukua is the one for me. Serengeti, leaning more towards the MTV remix but both are great!
Jim Breese (Hed Kandi) Serengeti Loving this, especially Serengeti Original. Lovely stuff
Dave Mayer Serengeti love the original!! Great remix by MTV too.
Davidson Ospina What!?? love this
Dave Storm Solid!
DJ Reeplee Great tracks will support
Dan Mckie Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice mix from Martiiiiiijjjjnnn.
Dutchican Soul Serengeti (MTV Rmx) MTV mix is dope! Thanks!
Trevor Oai??i??Neil Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Really liking martijns mix. nice ep
Lindo Martinez Great release, both orginal & MTVs mix!
Jim Shaft Ryan support. solid!!!
Luca Lento full support for my friend Horatio!!
DJ Sydney Serengeti (MTV Rmx) loven it straight in my radio show for this week. MTV remix is great
DJ Jondal Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Love the remix !
Matt Prehn Serengeti works best for me nice n percussive.
Richard Earnshaw Nukua Nukua is decent.Deep & percussive vibes for the Spiritchaser sets.
Bruno From Ibiza Serengeti (MTV Rmx) nice job Martijn
Tjerk Coers (Armada) Great ones
Armando Mendes (W Hotel) Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Martijn Ten Remix is dope.
Tony Weaver Quality tribal deep house ! Love it
DJ Neevald (Poland) Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Martijn remix! BANG!
Dave Floyd (Nocturnal Grooves) Nice deep vibes!
Michael Stukes Fullllllllll support on this baby hereai??i??.
DJ La Costa (Kafemat, Serbia) ooo this is sweet..


Vicky Martin Smith 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Decent remix
Andi Durrant 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Downloading for Andi Durrant / Distorted Production renagel generic date

Linos Pascal Petalotidis 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Thanx
Presenter (Fact Radio) 6/10 Serengeti Many thanks
Presenter Kiss FM 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Nice EP. Martijn Ten Velden Remix for me. Support
Presenter MOS Radio 8/10 Nukua Nukua got them vibes
Presenter FM Delta, SA 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Support Thanks!
Roger Sanchez 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Thank you for the music
(PLAYED https://soundcloud.com/rogersanchez/release-yourself-radio-show-776-guestmix-live-from-ministry-of-sound-1991)
Juanjo Blanco 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Horatio Rules!
(Magnetic Mag)
Christian Homan (RTE) 8/10 Serengeti Nice work
Digital FM 9/10 Serengeti Nice EP Thanks DFM
Gerard Russchenberg 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Feels a bit like Tim Green Cocoon records
(106.1FM Holland) PLAYED 12TH AUGUST 2016
AltroVerso, IT 10/10 Serengeti Playlist & support http://altroverso.net/?p=41382
Louk Pour Hashemi RTE 6/10 Nukua Is ok but doesnai??i??t quite grab me this time.
Igor Marijuan 10/10 Serengeti Great release to be support at Ibiza Sonica
Igor Pintaric (Radio Northwest) Serengeti Original mix is my pick, thank you
Mark J (Loca FM) Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Oh yes!! both originals are corkers tooai??i??
Alex Caro (Club FM, ES) Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Martijn Ten Velden Remix is good!

Mixside.com 10/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Great stuff thanks
WhenWeDip.com 8/10 Serengeti WOW thats great music thanks for sharing
ActualitesElectroniques 10/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Great to hear a new remix of Martijn!
DifferentGrooves 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Serengeti (Martijn Ten Velden Rmx)
MagazineSixty 6/10 Nukua Good track
EMF Mag, Greece 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Thanks G
DataTransmission, UK 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Honest feed ai??i?? I wanted to like this alot more than i did sorry Das Schoene Leben Mag 7/10 Serengeti Serengeti original and also remix
Clubber Mag, ES 10/10 Serengeti Nice Music
Beats1 (Apple Stream) 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Cool stuff
Faze Mag, DE 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) Martijn Ten Velden makes it for me
Janosch Gebauer (Faze) 8/10 Nukua Very deep and minimilistic approach. Like it!
Posivision, JP 6/10 Seregenti Cool work
Freshguide, DE 10/10 Nukua download for Jurie member thx 3
House, DJ Mag ES 8/10 Serengeti Maybe on House reviews
Tillate Mag, UK 8/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) MTV remix does some trick
Tsugi, FR 6/10 Serengeti (MTV Rmx) remix for me tx Finasteride 5mg online pharmacy

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august 30th, 2016

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