I have played all around the world from Miami to Asia and back and i have been asked many times advices about the club/night/label activities. Some advices are down here:

buy glucotrol I have played all around the world from Miami to Asia and back and i have been asked many times advices about the club/night/label activities. Some advices are down here:

Getting Started ai??i?? Review your marketing and membership goals. Is
your clubai??i??s priority to build membership or to enhance your image and
visibility in the community? Or both? Are you specifically interested in
younger members? Females? Specific professional categories? Defining
your desired outcomes will help you determine your strategies.

Evaluation – What is your current image in the community? Step
back and take a good look at how others view your club. Does it
match your own view? If necessary, ask family members or
friends to take a look at your brochures and promotional

Inventory – What tools do you have at your disposal? Television,
radio, newspapers, the Internet, posters, brochures, letterhead,
stickers, promotional items (umbrellas, hats, window stickers,
clothing, etc.) are possibilities. What do you need? Check the
International website for an inventory of promotional items that
can be used by clubs. You might not have to ai???reinvent the
wheelai??? if you take advantage of materials that already exist.
Youai??i??ll simply need to add some information to customize the
materials for your club.

The Message ai??i?? How does your slogan or mission statement match
up with your organization’s International goals and image?
Maximize the brand that International has already established
and use this to bring a more global scope to your club’s image.

Be Involved ai??i?? Take advantage of the opportunity to sponsor youth
clubs within your organization. These are tremendous marketing
opportunities. Not only do you plant a seed with each of these
clubai??i??s members for future membership, but you should plan to
reach their parents at least once a year by holding a reception, a
parentsai??i?? day, inviting them to your meetings on a rotating
system, or similar event. Parents of these members are natural
candidates for membership. One additional note: Sponsorship is
not enough. Make sure that at least one of your club members
attends each organizationai??i??s meetings.

Be Contemporary ai??i?? Use color in your promotional pieces. Take
advantage of technology to produce professional-looking
materials. Itai??i??s time to quit relying on cut-and-paste and the old
copying machine. Find a way to produce materials that present
your club as a contemporary organization made up of leaders.
Your materials should reflect your club’s diversity in gender, race
and age. In addition, discover the power of the Internet and
start an e-Newsletter.

Be Relevant ai??i?? The number of not-for-profit organizations has
exploded in recent years. Every affliction or cause seems to have
organized as self-standing organizations. They all contribute to
society, but they also draw people and dollars away from your
club. When you pick your philanthropic activities, make sure
they attract interest to your cause. Will the local news media
give your event attention? Will the project make your club more
attractive to prospective members? These considerations may
sound selfish, but in the battle for existence every club must
make promoting itself a primary and continuing consideration.

Go Online ai??i?? Take advantage of e-mail and other computer-related
opportunities such as community chat sites and message boards
to spread the word about your club. Meeting notices, minutes,
and general updates can be e-mailed to your club members,
prospective members, and important community leaders with
the push of a button using a variety of online tools. Check with
your local chamber of commerce or newspaper to see if it will
post your clubai??i??s ai???banner adai??? on its Web site(s). Post your clubai??i??s
activities on the Web at volunteermatch.com. Stay on top of
technology! The future opportunities are unlimited!

Climb the Corporate Ladder ai??i?? Most clubs center their recruitment
efforts on specific individuals. Another strategy is to contact
business owners and top-ranking managers with an invitation for
membership. Explain that your goal, as a club that strives to
represent the community, is to have at least one person from
every local company among its membership. If the company is
large, you might suggest multiple memberships representing
different departments. Though you might not always get the
CEO, youai??i??ll probably gain a member who is truly honored to be a
part of your club.

Recruit an Ambassador ai??i?? Can you identify an individual in your
community who has a positive reputation and whose
commitments are in line with your club’s goals? If so, bring them
on board as an honorary member whose role is to speak on
behalf of your club a few times per year. This person should be
an influence-builder. That is, this person has such an esteemed
status in the community that his/her simple mention of your club
can increase attention to and interest in your club.

Create Community Partnerships ai??i?? Historically, service clubs
partner with numerous organizations, but often that relationship
involves donating to a cause without receiving anything in
return. Create a true partnership. If your club donates funds to
the local hospital, find out what that hospital can do in return.
Possibilities include: designating at least one employee for
membership, providing a speaker for key events, acknowledging
Kiwanis in its printed materials or advertisements, sponsoring
your newsletter or website with an advertisement, using its staff
(if applicable) to produce public-service pieces, etc. What do
your partners have that would benefit your club? As an
organization, most of our generosity benefits other
organizations, but we have neglected to ask for anything in
return. Ask, ask, ask!

Create Inter-Club Partnerships ai??i?? Joining together with other
sister clubs in your area may significantly enhance the impact of
your charitable endeavors. This will create a larger volunteer
pool, the chance to reach more people and to raise more funds,
and will increase the probability of receiving publicity.

Make Your Meetings Memorable ai??i?? The strongest interaction your
club will have with most of its members takes place at your
weekly meetings. Shoot for the top when you recruit speakers.
Create a master list of potential speakers from your community,
from the mayor on down to local high school sports coaches. If
an individual declines due to a scheduling conflict, ask when he
or she can make it. Keep the meeting moving on time. Make
sure the meal is worth the cost. Go out of your way to make new
members and guests feel welcome. Your members are successful
in the business world because they get results. Does your club
meeting produce results?

Tell Your Story in a Club Brochure ai??i?? At the center of its
promotional materials, every club should distribute a simple but
concise brochure.

Share Your Success Stories with International ai??i?? The
International staff exists to serve you. The Marketing and Public
Relations departments would appreciate hearing your
suggestions for new tools and materials and details about your
service, fundraising and membership accomplishments. Donai??i??t be
a stranger. All materials submitted will be used to build an
inventory of resources that can be shared with other clubs.
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