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KERBER x A A ACID x SHODAN RECORDS x TECHNO PROMO Early support from: Adam K Mc Flipside Lexlay Oscar G Paco Osuna MARCO CAROLA Dj EZ

KERBER x A A ACID x SHODAN RECORDS x TECHNO PROMO Early support from: Adam K Mc Flipside Lexlay Oscar G Paco Osuna MARCO CAROLA Dj EZ


Rodrigo Lobb ()5Thanks !! Nice track. Acid!!THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]31
Dj Dialog ()5FIRE! Supported this Friday Sept 23rd 2022 on the FM Dial!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Parke Street Social RadioShow ()4Powerful ! Both are, but the A A Acid sneaks in this time. Love the pounding kicks to these, they add attitude. The 303’s are crisp and raw, what is not to like about these techno pounders ?A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]20
Robert Owens (world)3Cool tracksA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]22
Andy Spinelli (Peanut Musik)4Full Support!! I Will Try!!! Thanks!!!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Lady Caro’zart ()3Not bad , the really interestingA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]30
Eric Wishes ()3Try it!THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]22
david moreno ()5Support from / App / 97.2 FM Ibiza & Formentera. Thanks! David MorenoTHE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Paco Osuna (Plus 8)3Will try thanks 😉A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Dj EZ ()4Hi, just to let you know I download tracks on behalf of DJ EZ & ELVIN ZEDO and this feedback has been submitted to activate the download for your promo. Tim Davis | www.elvinzedo.comA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Kenny Brian ()3nice one, thank you!!!!!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]21
MARCO CAROLA (Music On)3downloading for Marco Carola, thanksA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]14
Oscar G ()5fire.A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]201
Matt Fitzpatrick (Bullit)3Full on and really tough!THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]20
Radio Coop Italy ()3it’s goodTHE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]22
Gerard Russchenberg ()3Cool undergroundTHE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]36
Jordy Copz ()4ok goodA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]22
Lexlay ()5Amazing! Thanks for the cool music, I will try! 🙂A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Joseph Capriati (Drumcode)3downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]22
Horatio (Natural Rhythm / Viva Music)5bangerA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]12
Joe Bloxx ()3Nice Acid TunesTHE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]20
Marcus Ill ()5Great acid tracks!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]22
Dj Rude Groove ()3Great tracks thank you 😊THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]80
Raphael Roger (Radio Transistor)5greatA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]02
DecaDance Radio ()3– SENDING TO SPECIALISTS FOR CLUB/RADIO AIR-PLAY SUPPORT – Thanks for sending through this release, nice beats, it’s more specialist than daytime playlist so we have sent this through to the FRIDAY NIGHT DECADANCE show held on Fridays at 6pm, FUTURE SELECTION show held Monday to Thursday from 11pm as well as other specialist DJ’s on the station. You can check out the latest playlists and music content and apply to get your music into the Future Selection show by visiting – DECADANCEUK.COM. The cut-off for the main daytime playlists is Thursday’s @ 12pm.THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]20
Paziak ()4Nice Acid techno track!THE HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]24
Chris Fortier (Fade)2thanksA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]00
Alan X (QX Magazine)2A bit on the mad side for my crowd but nice workA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]42
Carmelo Carone ()4supported by Carmelo Carone – TRAX Mission Radio Show Episode Every TUESDAY 20.00 – 22.00 CEST on HUNTER [SHODAN RECORDS]21
Don Diablo ()4Downloaded for possible future use by Don!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]02
Adam K (Kiss FM)5yesssir .HEAVYA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]31
Richie Hawtin ()3downloaded for r hawtinA A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]02
Ruben Mandolini ()4Nice, thanks!A A ACID [SHODAN RECORDS]32

Mother Nature

septembrie 29th, 2022

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