Philipp Ort feat Lawrence Collins We Have Choices (Incl Horatio Remix)



Philipp Ort feat Lawrence CollinsAi??We Have Choices (Incl Horatio Remix)

Release Date: 18th April 2016 Beatport Exclusive

Seamless Recordings the new release from Philipp Ort. The past few years have been a musical adventure for Philipp Ort. With his original, upfront and recognisable production style, Philipp has released his music on labels such as Fabric London, Wiggle Records, Global Underground, KMS Records and Percep-tion as well as on his own imprints Black & White Orange Records and Pins and Needles. With many releases hitting the Beatport Top 100 and being played and supported by Carl Cox on his Global Radio Show, Sasha at WMC Miami, Hot Since 82 on Pete Tongai??i??s BBC Radio 1 show, DJ Sneak in his monthly Top 10 and Pig & Dan on John Digweed‘sTransition radio show, just to name a few, He’s crafted his DJ-ing skills over the past twelve years and having played at various renowned venues worldwide including Fabric London, Salon Daome Montreal, LED Bangkok, Avalon Los Angeles, Macarena Barcelona, Paramount London, Sisyphos Berlin, Dolores Playa Del Carmen, Egg Club London, Synesthesia Festival Wroclaw, Loop Bar Athens and Cable Club London, it’s fair to say his stature is rising at a rapid rate in the scene..

For his debut release on Seamless he has teamed up with the talented vocalist, Lawrence Collins. We Have Choices is a sumptuous and affecting track with haunting vocals provided by Collins. Building with tense synth crescendos before dropping into the hypnotic melodical grooves, this is perfectly weighted for the dancefloor but reflective enough to stay with you after you’ve listened.

This comes complete with a remix from Natural Rhythm label boss, Horatio. With is tracks being supported continuously by pretty much ever industry heaevyweight possible, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer and many more. For his remix he has gone on a deep and tribal trip. With percussive undertones and deep dirty sub bass this just builds and builds as the track progresses in Horatios’ trademark style making this a perfect track for the big stage arenas, and has already been the Hot Track of the week on Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself Radio show.


1: We Have Choices (Original Mix)

2: We Have Choices (Horatio Remix)


Gel Abril 7 / 10 Horatio Remix Remix is nice!
Marc Poppcke 8 / 10
Original Mix Both versions are great. Full Support
Shir Khan
6 / 10 Original Mix will check
Roger Sanchez Horatio Remix Thanks will check this out
Danny Howells Horatio Remix I love this one THANK YOU
Gavyn Mitchell (MOS) Horatio Remix awesome track will support tonight in Nairobi
Joyce Muniz
8 / 10 Horatio Remix Horatio remix is cool
Luis Leon
8 / 10 how much toradol can i take at a time Horatio Remix Horatio Remix is superb
8 / 10 Horatio Remix Good job!
8 / 10 Horatio Remix Horatio remix for me
Paulo Martini
6 / 10 Horatio Remix Horatio Remix sounds good to me, thanks
Stacey Pullen Cool thanks
Alvaro Smart Horatio Remix Horatio improives the original track with an underground touch, great groove
Afroboogie Horatio Remix dig the Horatio mix
Heath Holme (Bora Bora) Horatio Remix class EP, Horatio Remix for me
MAtt Prehn Original Mix production is another level wow, dig the og mix
Robert Owens Original Mix nice tracks
Riva Starr
6 / 10 Original Mix downloading for Riva Starr
Joseph Capriati
6 / 10 Original Mix downloading for Joseph Capriati
Horse Meat Disco
8 / 10 Horatio Remix GREAT REMIX
Alexi Delano 1 / 10 Horatio Remix thank you!
Chapter 24 Records
8 / 10 Original Mix original is very nice, drifty and cosmic!
Alex Zed
8 / 10 Horatio Remix Great Releaase!
Timo Maas 4 / 10 Horatio Remix Downloading for Timo Maas, thanks Mirko
Randall Jones 10 / 10 Horatio Remix Horatio Remix is killer. Gonna play this out like crazy
Christian Durdek 7 / 10 Horatio Remix Nice Mix by Horatio!
Atapy 7 / 10 Horatio Remix Remix is my pick here, will play, thanks!
Alexander Koening 8 / 10 Horatio Remix Will try tomorrow in Radion , Amsterdam
Nicco 8 / 10 Horatio Remix Great release ! Both version are super
Greg Fenton 7 / 10 Horatio Remix Good remix
Ben Archbold 8 / 10 Horatio Remix Both mixes are great for different points in the night
Ibiza Sonica 6 / 10 Horatio Remix Yes. will support the release at Ibiza Sonica
Camilo Franco 6 / 10 Original Mix Love it!
Nadja Lind (Klartraum) 8 / 10 Horatio Remix
sweet remix. thanks for the music!
Cherokee (Kiss FM)
8 / 10 Original Mix Good deep sounds, will try it out!
Simone Vitullo
8 / 10 Original Mix Costco pharmacy diovan Nice release! well done
Vanilla Ace
6 / 10 Original Mix Nice underground vibes
Pierre Ravan 6 / 10
Original Mix Amazing hook and beatz..full support
Kate Wildblood 6 / 10
Horatio Remix Nice x
Chris Raynor 8 / 10 Original Mix
Original for me thanks
Jose Maria Ramon 10 / 10
Original Mix very nice! will play it, thanks
Jask 10 / 10
Original Mix Nice one
Kal Jhugroo
8 / 10 Horatio Remix Horatio remix is ace
Curtis Zak 6 / 10
Original Mix Original just edges it for me
Deep South Audio 6 / 10
Horatio Remix Cool sounds, Horatio takes the wonky fav
Andres Velilla
8 / 10 Original Mix Philipp Ort & Horatio what a combination. great EP
Rick Maia 5 / 10 Original Mix Many thanks
Bravofox 8 / 10 Original Mix Great work Philipp 🙂
Westradio.gr 10 / 10 Original Mix Great Release! full support, thanks
DifferentGrooves.com 8 / 10 Original Mix The original is a nice productions, thanks for sending
Field Trip 7 / 10 Original Mix Nice one
Francesco Bonora 7 / 10 Original Mix Very nice release here, both mixes are interesting
Daissa 10 / 10 Original Mix Great pack and very hypnotic vibe
Antony PL 9 / 10 Original Mix Full Support here
Cipy 6 / 10 Horatio Remix Nice stuff guys thanks
Colin Dale 8 / 10 Original Mix great vocals on this… it’s working
Thomas AS 8 / 10 Original Mix very nice Phil 🙂
Tavera Hans 9 / 10 Original Mix sounds good support!
Jamie Topham 6 / 10 Original Mix feels like a summer island monster, need to live with it more
Nicco 8 / 10 Horatio Remix great release! Both versions are super
RS1 7 / 10 Original Mix Original is nice
Miss Luna 9 / 10 Original Mix Fantastic Full support on www.ibizaliveradio.com
Alexander Koening 8 / 10 Horatio Mix Will Try tomorrow in Radio, Amsterdam
Wentz Sami 6 / 10 Original Mix Full support
Christian Durdek 7 / 10 Horatio Mix Nice mix by Horatio

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